5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Toddler

Start some Valentine’s day traditions with your toddler so that you will have lots of fun memories of the holiday together.  If you are a busy mom and looking for some simple ways to celebrate the day with your little one then you have come to the right place!

These Valentine’s day activities are fun, simple, and will help teach your child new concepts as well!  Make sure to grab your Valentine’s day target word list below so that you can explore and target some new words with your little one.

Toddler Valentine's Day Ideas:Need some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's day with your toddler? These toddler activities are fun and easy which is perfect for busy moms. Explore sensory activities, encourage fine motor skills, and grow your toddler's vocabulary all while celebrating Valentine's day. Craft ideas included as well!

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Give Back


Valentine’s day is all about love.  Teach your little one about love by giving back to the community.  Go and volunteer in your community to show your child the importance of helping others.  Here are some examples of places you could check to see if they need some helping hands:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Animal Shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Food Pantries
  • Libraries

Another option that is delivered right to your door is a Little Loving Hands Box.  These boxes contain a craft or project that is completed and given to someone in need.  There are a few different box options available and each helps a different organization.  You can see what projects are available by clicking HERE.

Read A Valentine’s Story


One of my favorite ways to learn about holidays and teach your toddler is to read a book about it.  Go to your local library and pick a few out ahead of time so you can read about it together BEFORE Valentine’s day arrives.

Here are a few fun Valentine’s day stories to get you started:


Bake Some Cookies


Baking with your toddler teaches them so many skills!  I take advantage of this activity as often as possible with my toddler and the holidays are a perfect excuse to make some extra treats.  What can your toddler learn from baking?

Let them help from the very beginning while you are looking through cookbooks to find which treats you are making.  This is a great way to encourage early literacy skills.

Have them help you make a shopping list and find the items in the store.  If your little one is only saying a few words then this activity will allow them to grow their vocabulary.

Once you are ready to start baking, let them help!  Let them dump ingredients into a bowl and stir.  You will be encouraging fine motor skills during this step.

When you are putting them in the oven and taking them out you can sneak in an important safety lesson.  Teaching children about the danger of the hot stove is something to incorporate early on.

Decorating the cookies will probably be your little one’s favorite part!  Let them get creative and make their own special cookies.

Create Something Together


Make some special Valentine’s day crafts to gift to others or decorate the house.  Doing simple crafts is a great way to refine motor skills and also teach your child simple concepts such as shapes and colors.

If you are looking for some ideas for simple crafts to do with your toddler check out these posts from Hands on as We Grow.

21 Valentine’s Crafts for Preschoolers that are Just Plain Cute!

Cookie Cutter Painting For Valentine’s Day

Homemade Heart Bird Feeder

Shaken Painted Hearts

Create a Sensory Bin


Sensory bins have been a life saver at my house!  They keep my toddler busy and seem to calm him down a bit as well.

Typically, we keep rice, beans, or pasta in ours but switch it up for Valentine’s Day.  If you need some inspiration of what to put inside yours, then check out this Valentine’s Day sensory bin from Love Peace Beauty.

Valentines Day Target Words


Valentine’s day provides you with a wonderful opportunity to grow your little ones vocabulary.  Utilize all of the new activities you are doing by picking out some vocabulary words to target.  Hang the list on your fridge so that you can keep your target words in mind and check them off as your toddler gains new words.

You can download a printable Valentine’s Day Target List using the box below!

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