50 Simple Ways to Encourage Early Literacy Skills

Have you heard about the importance of early literacy skills in young children?  Do you know what skills these include?

Early literacy skills include


Phonemic Awareness – the knowledge and manipulation of sounds in spoken words.

Phonics – the relationship between written and spoken letters and sounds.

Fluency – the ability to read with accuracy, appropriate rate and expression

Vocabulary – the knowledge of words and their definitions. Children have expressive and receptive vocabularies. Expressive is the words they can say on their own without just repeating, and receptive is the words that they understand when spoken to

Comprehension – understanding the meaning of text.

(Excerpt from How to Promote Literacy From an Early Age)

Now that you know what early literacy skills are…do you know how to encourage them?

Are you looking for ways to encourage early literacy skills in your baby or toddler? Use this list of simple ways to encourage early literacy skills in your daily routines. Many of the activities do not require a book, and fit in with the things you do everyday!

There are MANY ways to do this and much of the time it doesn’t even require a book.  Focusing on early literacy skills is something you can do from the day your little one is born and all the way on up!

I have put together a list of 50 SIMPLE ways to encourage early literacy skills in babies and toddlers to get you started today.

These ideas are simple and quick so you can start adding them into your daily routines right away.  In the form below enter your email and I will send you the list to download right now!

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