How to Introduce Science to Your Toddler

I have been wanting to try out Green Kids Crafts for a while now and with a very busy toddler and a tired pregnant mom…it seemed like the perfect time to do it!  In our goal to minimize the amount of toys in our house I ordered a subscription as a Christmas gift for our son.  Here are my thoughts about Green Kid Crafts.

Are you looking for easy toddler activities? Check out these fun STEAM activities for your toddler. Encourage early literacy skills, language skills,fine motor skills, and cognitive skills while completing simple science projects. These indoor activities are for children 2 years old and up.

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First Impression


My original plan was to walk out to the mailbox with my son and open our Green Kids Craft Box together.  However, we received it on a Saturday and my son was out with his father.  I got too excited to wait for him so I decided to take a peek before he got home.

I am so glad I did!  The box is full with stuff that my little one would LOVE to get his hands on.  Depending on the age of your child this could be a good or bad thing.

My son is a young two and I think had we opened the box together we would have ended up with one tantrum after the other.  If you have a young child I would recommend opening it alone and planning out which activity you want to do first. Put the rest away for a rainy day!

If you have an older child you could open it together and have fun picking out which activity you want to do first and then plan out the activities on the calendar for what you would like to do in the days or weeks coming up.  This will give you both something to look forward to.

Materials Included


My box arrived with 6 different activities.  There are 3 packs of activities with 2 activities in each pack.   Each pack contains the materials that you need for the project along with simple instructions containing 5 steps or less.  Some of the projects require a few extra materials that you most likely will have on hand (things like vinegar or baking soda.)

Activity Break Down


The activities are recommended for children 2 years old and up.  The amount of time that each activity took was minimal which is perfect for little ones with short attention spans.  Some of the experiments we actually did more than once because my son enjoyed them so much.

What Do Children Learn from the Activities?


I saw multiple ways that my son was learning through each experiment.  Let me give you a quick breakdown in each area of development:

Cognitive:  Many of these activities have a strong focus on cause and effect.  This is an important concept for toddlers to understand and experiments are a perfect way for your toddler to practice it.

Motor:  Fine motor practice is very apparent in the activities.  Your toddler will pick up small items, unscrew lids, and cut with scissors to enhance and encourage fine motor skills.

Language:  My son learned lots of new vocabulary while participating in the experiment.  From naming the ingredients to talking about what was actually happening. I consider these kits very rich in language.

Social/Emotional:  Any activity can be turned into an opportunity to talk about emotions.  Asking your little one how they felt during an activity is a great starting point.

Self Help:  Letting your child do the experiment with little or no help is a great way for them to build confidence and skills. This will help make them more independent in everyday routines.  All activities should be well supervised of course.

Early Literacy Skills:  The kits come with little instruction books which you can read to your child.  Show them how to follow along with the steps of the experiments by using the small book as a guide.

Final Thoughts


I am very impressed by this subscription box and it exceeded my expectations.  The activities are put together for me and the supplies needed are in the box or a common household item.

I was engaged in the activities as much as my son was!  Being a stay at home mom can be a bit dull at times so having a way to connect and engage in something new with your toddler is wonderful.

My son really had fun with the activities.  They were easy for me to set up and they kept his attention which is not always an easy thing to do!

Who Would I Recommend This Box For?


This box is heaven for stay-at-home moms that are looking to liven up their routine.  It is a great activity to pull out when you and your little one are stuck in a rut and a bit bored.  For snowy cold weather or rainy days this box is a life saver!

For working parents this a wonderful way to spend some time engaging in a hands on activity without the extra work of having something else to plan.  I can see this being a perfect way to bond before or after dinner.  It would also be a great family activity for the weekend.

You can check out Green Kids Crafts by clicking HERE!



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