What to Do When You are Stressed out by Toddler Temper Tantrums

My little angel has been having a rough week and slew of temper tantrums has hit our house.  Toddlers are tricky because just when you think you have figured them out…something changes.

Are you stressed out by your toddler temper tantrums? Dealing with temper tantrums can be very frustrating for all parents. Use these 5 simple tips to stay calm when your toddler is having meltdowns.

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So what do you do when you feel like you are in the middle of meltdown mania?

What caused my little guy to suddenly become a temper tantrum master (or should I say monster?)  No clue.  There are many triggers, that can cause tantrums to occur.

It could be one of these things that are causing tantrums to occur so keep a mental note of the things going on in your child’s life that may trigger a tantrum.  Some of them are preventable, some of them are not.

Behavior in a child is usually used as a way to communicate something, so if you can figure out what they need before they need it then you can prevent a tantrum.

So what do you do when the all out screaming, kicking, ugly tantrum occurs?

You try to remain calm.  If you are escalated, then your toddler will sense that and carry on even more.  It may be easy to stay calm after the first tantrum occurs…but after the second…third…and so on continue all in the same hour it is not an easy task.

Here are a five ways to keep yourself in check and cool as a cucumber when your little angel is having a rough day and the tantrums seem never-ending:

Take a Deep Breath

It is a very simple thing to do that can actually have quite an impact.  However in the middle of a temper tantrum we can forget to stay calm ourselves.  You may need more than one…exaggerate your inhale and exhale enough and your toddler may notice you doing this.  If they do tell them to try and see if they follow your lead.  It is a win-win if you can teach them a calming strategy while you are trying to stay calm your self.

Do Something Else

Pick up a book or fold some clothes.  Make sure your toddler is in a safe spot and not hurting themselves then step away…even if it is just a few feet and do something else while the tantrum passes.  Laundry isn’t the most fun thing to do in the world but at least you are being productive instead of just dwelling on the never-ending tantrum!

Turn on Some Music

Music is amazing because it can change your mood and tone of a situation quickly! While my son was throwing his daily tantrum about not wanting to take his pajamas off I turned on one of our favorite songs “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles and he stopped the tantrum and started dancing and singing instead!  It was a happy accident, but now it is one of my go to strategies when the domino effect of temper tantrums starts.

Change of Scenery

Get your little one outside for a moment or in the car to run an errand for a change of scenery.  This may get them distracted enough to change their mood and the new surroundings may lift yours as well.

Call in for Back Up

If you feel like you are about to have your own temper tantrum have someone else take over as soon as they can.  Whether it be dad, grandma, or a babysitter give yourself a break.  Taking care of a tantrum throwing toddler all day can be very wearing.  If you have help available use it.  You are a better parent when you have some respite on a hard day.

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The toddler years are a lot of fun but can also be extremely difficult at times.  Just remember that you both will get through this and tantrums will come to an end eventually.  They are part of your toddlers typical development so although they are not the most pleasant things to experience, they are normal.

What is your best way to stay calm during temper tantrums?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below or join the Mindful Parenting for Babies and Toddlers Facebook Group.

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