11 Simple Ways To Teach Your Toddler During Easter Season That Don’t Include Glue or Easter Grass

As Easter is fast approaching I have pinned so many cute toddler art, craft, and learning projects to do with my son.  My motivation is dwindling to get all them done though as Easter is just around the corner.  I don’t have some of the supplies or I am not sure how to get my toddler to participate willingly.  If you’re facing this struggle too then you have come to the right place.  The list below contains ways to embed learning into the Easter activities that are ALREADY taking place in your house.

No need for extra materials, cotton balls, or glue…Just your Easter traditions and some mindful parenting!

This list contains 11 strategies that support all areas of development including:  Communication, Cognition, Social Emotional, Motor, and adaptive!  I have even sorted them out for you so if you are just working on increasing your child’s vocabulary then just peek at the ones under communication.  Many of the activities work on multiple areas of development.


Target new words with the holiday approaching:  Basket, Bunny, Chick, Fuzzy, Egg-are just a few examples.  Pick three words that you want your child to use during Easter season and focus on those.  Pick target words that are meaningful to you and your family.

Label the colors of the Easter Eggs:  This is a great way to get your little one to start saying two-word phrases.  If they have mastered the word “egg” then simply add the word “red” in front of it.

Teach them a new Easter song:  Singing is one of the best ways to increase language because of the repetition that is already built-in.  Don’t have an Easter favorite?  Then get creative and make one up with your little one.
Learn some new animal sounds:  If your little one doesn’t have words yet this is a great place to start.  Imitating animal sounds is easier than imitating words so it is perfect for beginners!  What does a bunny say?  What does a chick say?  Children are often times motivated to imitate these animal sounds because they are just fun to say!


Explore Easter books: If you have an Easter book than your are in luck!  You can teach your child all about the holiday while getting in some early literacy practice.  If not, head to your local library and pick one out!  At my library they always have a craft out for little ones out so you can get in your craft time too without destroying your house!

Following Directions:  During the Easter egg hunt ask them to “look under” or “look behind” to find an egg.  See if your child can follow these simple directions.

Label sizes of the eggs: Introducing toddlers to the concept of “size” is a pre-academic skill that they will need when they get to preschool.  It also grows their vocabulary as well by adding the words “big” and “little”.

Social Emotional:

Discuss emotions they may be feeling:  Excited for the Easter bunny?  Sad because they can’t have anymore candy?  Take a moment and label the emotions your little one is feeling throughout the holiday season.  This will help them be able to identify their own emotions.


Open and close plastic Easter Eggs:  This can be a rather tricky task for a little one (or an adult) so give them a little help at first by helping them hand over hand.  Once they start getting the hang of it use less help with your hands and instead guide them with your words until they become independent!

Teach them how to “hop like a bunny”:  This takes a lot of coordination for a little one!  Model what it looks like for them (the hops count on your Fitbit) and see if they can copy your movements.  You will both burn off some of those Easter candy calories and your child will learn how to watch and imitate which is a skill they need to learn just about anything.


Talk about the season of spring:  Teach your child about the season of spring by explaining how the temperature is outside and what kind of clothes you should wear.  If you live in Minnesota this may mean a winter coat.  If you live in Indiana this may mean a tank top!  (We just moved across county and the dressing attire for “spring” is completely different.)

Make sure to pin this one!  Happy Easter all!

Easter Target Words



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