4 Easy Ways to Encourage Language Development in Your Baby

Your little one is out of the newborn stage and is now starting to move from grunts to a variety of coos, shrieks, and sounds.  They are playing with their voice and responded to sounds in their environment.  The skills needed to express themselves and understand words are language skills.

Do you know how to encourage language development in your baby?

In this post I will give you information about what language skills look like and how to encourage language skills in babies from 3 to 6 months.

All children develop differently so know that if your baby is not doing the exact same things as your best friend’s, that is ok.  However, if you are concerned about your little one’s development always seek out the Early Intervention program in your area for a free screening or evaluation.

Is your baby starting to make some new sounds? Here are 3 language skills to look for in babies 3-6 months. Learn simple ways to encourage language development in your baby.

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3-6 MONTHS language INCLUDE:




You are starting to hear some new and exciting sounds from your baby.  The smiles are starting to have sound behind them as you hear baby’s first giggles and laughs.  They also may be trying to get your attention by squealing!  Listen closely to hear all the things your baby is starting to express.




Your baby is starting to “talk” by exploring all the new sounds they can make.  You are starting to hear consonants like “baba”.  They are not just babbling to themselves either, you may notice they are looking at you and the other people around them trying to have a conversation.  If you sing or turn on music your baby may respond to it by cooing along!

Looking When Name is Heard


Is your baby responding to their own name?  They may respond by looking towards it when they hear it or even vocalize back!  This exciting skill usually happens closer to 6 or 7 months, but it is never to early to start practicing.





While you are going about your day, talk about what you are doing.  Your baby needs to hear words over and over again to understand them and begin using them to express themselves.  For example, if you are cooking dinner let your little one know about all of the ingredients.  Show them to them and talk about how they taste.

Face Time


No…not the kind you use with the Iphone…actual face time with your baby is a great way to model language.  It is very helpful for your baby to see you while you are talking or making sounds.  This way they can imitate your mouth instead of just trying to do it by ear.  A perfect time To focus on this is during diaper changes when your baby is in a great position to see you clearly.

Make Faces


Make silly faces at your little one to see if you can get them to imitate you.  Stick out your tongue or blow a raspberry to see if your baby tries to imitate.  Language development requires lots of watching and imitating in order to learn the sounds in words.

Making silly faces is a great way to get your baby to practice looking at you and trying to imitate.  Give your baby an unbreakable mirror (like this one) to let them practice this skill in a different way.



Singing works wonderfully to teach babies language because of the natural repetition.  By singing to your baby it allows them to hear words over and over again which makes them easier to learn.  Singing is the perfect tool to help establish a smooth transition to bedtime or distract your baby during a diaper change.

Are you looking for more ways to encourage development through the day?  If so, check out:

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Is your baby starting to make some new sounds? Here are 3 language skills to look for in babies 3-6 months. Learn simple ways to encourage language development in your baby.

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  1. Great tips! I have recently also started giving signs to my daughter. I am hoping she will soon start pointing or signing to communicate!

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