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One way to make parenting easier is to learn more about it!  You can do this is by reading and becoming more informed on strategies and ideas that can make your journey easier.  Chances are if there is something  you have a question about, someone else may have a solution for you.

There is a TON of information about parenting out there.  Sometimes it can be hard to navigate it all and know where to start.

Here are a few of the resources that I have enjoyed. This list is made up of books, freebies, websites, videos, and courses.  These are resources that I have used and think are helpful.  Make sure to check out the freebies at the bottom of the post!

Be sure to check back as I am always seeking out new resources that are helpful to parents!  If you have a resource that you think should be added to the list feel free to let me know!

Are you looking for the best resources regarding parenting? Check out these top books, websites, and freebies for information on parenting via Parenting Expert to Mom.

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Hands On As We Grow

The Sleep Lady

Zero to Three

American Academy of Pediatrics




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