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Child development can be broken down into 5 main areas including:  Cognition, Communication, Motor, Social Emotional, and Adaptive.  All skills from a baby making eye contact with his mother to a toddler being able to feed himself with a fork fit into one of these categories.  The posts on this site will be linked to one, two, or even all of these categories depending on what skills are being targeted.  Let’s take a more in depth look at each area of development.


This area is made of the skills that your little one needs to solve problems and process new information.  Early literacy skills are also included in this domain as your little one starts to explore books and environmental print.


The skills needed to express a child’s needs and wants are included in expressive language skills.  This could include pointing to what they want or saying the name of their favorite toy. Communication also includes how a child follows directions and understands words which is called receptive language.


Jumping, climbing, rolling, and sitting are just a few of the skills that make up the area of gross motor.  Fine motor skills include controlling smaller muscle movements such as those needed to turn a page in a book or color with a crayon.


How your child interacts with both adults and other children make up the skills in the social emotional domain.  Managing and regulating emotions are also targeted in this area.


Skills that help your little one become independent in daily routines are the ones that make up this domain.  They range from a infant being able to nurse to your toddler pulling his shirt over his head.