3 Tactics To Use When Reading To A Busy Toddler

At 16 months Kian is really starting to “read” and I am so excited!  We picked up this book last week from the library and it has become a favorite quickly.  Meow, Moo, Cock-a-Doodle-Doo by Sterling Children’s has great pictures and at the end of the book there is a nice review of all the animals that we learned about throughout the story.  

If your looking for strategies to use with your little one while reading there are a few that I am  modeling in this video.  

1.  Follow His Lead
In this short clip I let Kian show me what he is interested and listen to what he has to say.  If he labels a picture incorrectly I just give him the right word so that he knows it for next time.  I sprinkle in a few questions here and there but for the most part I just listen.  By letting him lead the story he is getting to talk about what interests him which is helping me keep my squirmy little wiggle worm engaged in the book.

2.  Repeat 
In order to make his words sound more clear I repeat the names of the pictures he labels.  By hearing them again it gives him another chance to hear the word correctly and will help him put those new sounds together sooner.

3.  Growing Phrases
Some of these animals he has known for a while so to grow his vocabulary I expand on what he says.  When he labels “puppy” I say “yellow puppy”.  By doing this he is learning another word and I am modeling how to put two words together for him.  He is also hearing “puppy” again which will help clear up the sounds in that word as well.  Using colors or other adjectives is a very natural way to expand a phrase for a child.  

Toddlers and babies are often times to busy to sit and listen to a story.  These tips will help you grow your little one’s vocabulary while they are flipping the pages.

 Happy reading everyone!

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