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I don’t know Spanish.

I don’t have time for that.

I can’t find any products to help me get started.

Yup..I said the same thing too!

0-100 A Spanish Language Learning Strategy for Babies and Toddlers


Those were the same excuses I had when I first thought about giving my son the gift of a second language.

The problem was I felt like this was something that I NEEDED to do.  I have a love for language and I have read time and time again about all the benefits children can gain from learning a second language when they are young.

I tried a few different products.  You can read more about that here.  They did not work for us.  My son was not imitating any Spanish from them.  When I started to pick up a couple words here and there and saying them myself…then he started saying them!

Then a LIGHT BULB came on!  Why was I trying to teach him Spanish in a way so different from how I had taught him English?

Through trial and error I came up with a program that worked!  My son who is 21 months now has over 20 words in Spanish (This makes me so happy I could cry!)

How to Teach Your Baby Spanish


Here is a breakdown of what is included in this program:


  • A 20 page E-book that is direct and to the point.  It will give you EXACTLY what you need to get started.
  • 10 Week Program
  • Everything is included in an instant download when you purchase!

Spanish Language Learning Strategy For Babies and Toddlers

10 Week Spanish Language Learning Program for Babies and Toddlers


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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the time commitment?

Less than 10 minutes a day.  The beauty of this program is it builds into the daily activities you are already doing with your little one everyday.

Do I have to learn Spanish too?

Yes you do…but it is not as hard as you think!  I have a simple trick that will get you saying those Spanish words in no time.  I have done the hard work for you and have found something that will make you learn and REMEMBER them so that you and your child can both speak Spanish.

Can I really start this program with my baby?

Yes!  You will not hear your infant start speaking in Spanish on the first day….you actually won’t hear any words until they are ready to start imitating.  By introducing this program while they are young it will be MUCH easier once they are starting to talk.

Will I get a physical book and worksheets?

The e-book and worksheets will be available to download instantly when you purchase it. You may print off the items for you if you want a hard copy.

Teach Your Toddler Spanish